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We are Nigeria’s top gender equality consulting firm with 50 years of cumulative expert experience.

To achieve women’s inclusion, we leverage data-based solutions that deliver measurable results within your own time frame.

In corporate, political, and economic sectors, from boardrooms to communities,
our consultants with decades of tri-sector experience, having worked as professionals in the public, private and development sectors, dismantle structural inequalities and cultivate environments where women thrive globally.

We work with governments to enact progressive policies, with corporations to
embed gender-balanced leadership, and with individuals to unlock their
leadership potential.

Together, let’s rewrite the narrative

Our Vision

We desire to strengthen gender diversity, inclusion, and equality in workplaces and communities, propelling a shift to gender-balanced leadership in public, private, political, and economic sectors.

Our Mission

To support international non-governmental organisations, private companies, bilateral organisations, governments, and non-governmental organisations to leverage data for solutions that promote gender inclusion across all levels and spheres.

Our Approach

Diversity is our DNA

WGC understands the complexities of diverse cultures, and we weave gender solutions that resonate across borders and empower women’s journeys

Data-Informed Strategy

Data empowers our understanding of gender dynamics. We shine a light on these biases with irrefutable insights, shaping public discourse, influencing policy, and inspiring action through customised solutions that bring you results.

Shared Success

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners, wielding our expertise and proven frameworks to build a more equitable world with you

Our Team

Cumulative 50 years of expertise: Meet WGC’s architects of change who are transforming systemic inequalities into measurable progress, woman by woman.

Abosede George-Ogan


Gbemi Akintunde


Tawakalit Kareem


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Break Glass

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